The legendary Doom is now a 2D game




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MiniDoom is basically a reimagined version in 2D of the legendary Doom. You play a bobblehead version of the mythic Doom Guy while shooting at funny bobblehead versions of the classic monsters from Doom.

Despite being a pretty short video game, MiniDoom has all the original monsters from the original Doom, along with all the weapons. This means you can use the shotgun, the giant machine gun, the rocket launcher, and of course, the BFG. All these weapons can be used against the soldiers, the Imps, and the Cacodemons.

As you'd expect from a game inspired by Doom, throughout the adventure you have to collect colored keys to open doors. It's not an especially complex puzzle, but it's nice that between shots you can also find areas with doors or jumps.

MiniDoom is a really entertaining 2D action game that fans of the Doom saga are sure to enjoy. Plus the game's graphics, created especially for this game, are gorgeous.
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